Monday, November 26, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year....

Christmas.  I have some pretty wonderful memories that revolve around Christmas,
it is the biggest celebration of the year for us by far!
It starts after Thanksgiving and doesn't end until the tree comes down...  There is so much happiness, and giving, and LOVE!

{Photo: our super excited boys camped out in front of the fireplace!} 
Before the holidays began this year I felt this overwhelming sense of panic...  I wanted nothing to do with them. The idea of getting ready and prepared to join in some great festivities was really starting to bog me down.  I was even getting sad about the thought of everything that goes with it, I didn't want the flu, and I didn't want the stress~panic feeling of OMG, its too late to figure out the perfect gift, .....I won't have time for everything....ahhhhhhhhhh!

But then, I had a complete revelation of myself, I got over my fears of getting sick, not having enough time, the to-do's, the list upon list, and go-go-go mentality until its over.  I trully LOVE everything about the holidays, and I wasn't going to let the negatives take me down and keep me from enjoying this wonderful end to a pretty tough but beautiful year!   I enjoy hosting and giving and I really do want to embrace this season even if my life is already stressful!  There is so much joy that can come with the holidays.  ....SO I pulled up the big girl pants a couple days after Thanksgiving, the official kick-off to the holiday season, and really got into the spirit of Christmas....and there is no stopping me now!  I have a plan!

After spending endless hours and days looking at and using my idea boards {on pinterest} to see how others handle the details, I developed a plan.  This weekend I started the foundation of what is to come  this holiday season because WE LOVE IT!!!  The Christmas tree is standing, the garland is hung, the furniture has shifted and the plans have begun!!!  The boys could hardly control themselves they were filled with so much joyful excitement!

It's time to stage the house for the holidays, make my lists and check them twice, be thankful for my life everyday and appreciate what I have around me, host a party, try new recipes and share them, see relatives I haven't seen in a really long time, start a BIG tradition and make the entire month about Christmas, blog as much as I can while I am busy so that I develop a really great habit from the CRAZIEST month of the whole entire year!!!!!

Cheers to a scuccessful, happy, healthy holiday season,

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