Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Essentials and Organization....

I am currently geared up to tackle the tasks with grace, health and organization... I hope to add a few little luxuries to this list to help keep me lifted while tackling the holidays, maybe the occasional latte, a perfect cozy scarf, slippers!

#1 my iPhone

#2 stress relief in a bottle!
I tried this for the first time this summer and love it, rescue, by bach, rescue remedy natural stress relief and I think this could really help while tackling the holidays!

#3 emergen-C packets
so that I can feel the good!  these give me energy and keep my immune system in check...  I take at least 2 packs a day, some days, if I am starting to feel something trying to attack my immune system and throw one more in the mix for a better defense....!
#4 my 1GB usb storage drive by scandisk, so that I am never without my most important files;)  honestly, I never know when I will need them!  What if I need my favorite photos or lists while I am at my mom's or sisters....?!

#5 my favorite lip stick, marykay, color shell and my favorite lip shine burt's bees zesty red, I can survive without lots of make up, but I need foundation and lipstick to not feel naked while running around town doing holiday errands! 

#6 alba pineapple quench lip balm, the dry air is already taking a toll on my lips and skin, seriously, can not live without moisturizer this winter I hate the feeling of cracked lips and skin!  And the tropical smell......mmmmm, it can take me on a quick mental vacation....

#7 ear phones: can't get enough enya lately... so calming and I can get lost in the sounds while wrapping and crafting and blogging!

#8 hair tie, another must have at all times, the dry weather takes a toll on my pin straight hair and when I am running around I may need to throw it back to not fuss with the frizzies!  ...gotta love cold Michigan weather...!

#9 my binder for the current agenda and list! {gosh, I really need to convert to the iPhone, but there is something about paper....I - LOVE - PAPER!}

#10 portable keyboard for the iPhone. {I really, really, really want an iPad, but it is not a current priority...}  I do love the wireless keyboard, if I feel like typing something on pages or notes or an email it really helps my fingers and thumbs, although, my eyes are given the true challenge of being strained while looking at the tiny screen!

#11 my big bag, vera bradley style, it is called the miller bag, it is my favorite bag ever!  I consider myself a bit of a bag lady, I live out of bags!  This is great for traveling as well as running around town it can hold EVERYTHING!  Pockets and the way it opens, you can see it all!  So when I am out shopping my daily binder goes, my coupon binder goes, and anything else that needs to come along, like diapers and wipes;)

 #12 my coupon binder for coupons, sales flyer's, deals, extra cash bonuses, coupons, gift cards anything to help me save as many bucks as I can this Christmas!

There you have it, my holiday essentials....simple, helpful, handy and healthy to keep me going!


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