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The secret of life: A good cup of coffee…

{My family}
{The Bizzy Bee Keeper}
Hi, I'm Annette Rioux and it's fabulous to have you here at My Bizzy Bee Hive!  Life is something we cherish around here; in our home {hive} we love celebrating life, making memories, being inspired and trying to find new ways to improve ourselves.   I have learned that life doesn’t have to be perfect to be great.  I’m a 30 something hard working {bizzy} Michigan girl, interior designer, wife and mother, small business owner {annette’s creation’s}, health foodie, and I am doing my best to be organized enough to keep up with life so that I can juggle it all!

One of the many reasons why I started this blog is because I really miss having my social time with my girlfriends. Like myself, most of my friends are also bizzy having ba-bee’s, raising their family, buzzing around town with their kiddos and taking care of careers, yep, there is not much room there to socialize!  One of my absolute most favorite things in life is sharing a cup of coffee with friends.  I have cherished the long talks we’ve shared over coffee; today these social hours are almost nonexistent!  Would you have a cup of coffee with me?!  Coffee to me is about taking the time to be social, it’s energizing, its warm and comforting, its casual and relaxing …its friendship; sometimes coffee is just me-time, reading-time and work-time. Either way…I LOVE it!  

{Our Hive}
Life definitely seems to move much faster today, I am married to my best friend {who doesn’t drink coffee…}, and we have 2 beautiful, super inspiring boys.  I am always buzzing around here, usually with a cup of coffee! We are currently focused on simplifying our bizzy life, building a home business {annette’s creation’s}, working on home projects and trying to hold onto money so that we don’t feel financially stressed anymore.  In short, we just want to live a healthy, happy, successful, family life in our lovely Michigan home where we are raising our children to be whatever it is they want to be in this bizzy world!  {with a little help and guidance from us of course!}  It brings us so much joy to watch them grow here…  We have learned to appreciate home ownership, we have learned it is important to adapt as well as be accepting of what we have, we plan to do what we can with what we have where we are. 

{The Bizz-ness}
I have always had a passion for having fun and I love celebrations, I believe life should be fun!  No matter how tough life can get, we all deserve to celebrate and be celebrated. {….I wish every day could feel like Christmas day….}  You will find lots of inspiration here to celebrate your life too!  I have started a home business {annette’s creation’s} that specializes in life’s celebration’s, we can design the perfect invitation, custom floral and d├ęcor, or provide you with a perfect party in a box that can be shipped anywhere so that you can have a home-made party without having to buzz around town and the internet to pull it all together!  Party planning can consume a lot of precious time if you want it to be unique and special.  I have done a lot of the homework already and I can help make your life easier, please check me out! {}
{Life Happens}
Let me tell you!  I have three boys in my life that will do anything for me?!  Seriously, what could I possibly not be happy about?!  My life is AWESOME.  There is so much to be grateful for....but times are tough, and children are demanding, and husbands can only do so much, {as well as wives, although I am infamous for wanting to do it ALL} parents are aging, and work doesn’t stop so that you can manage everything else on your plate….  Ahhhh, life can be depressing.  There are times I am consumed by negative thoughts.  These thoughts can take away every ounce of energy I have….and when I fall weak to them; I begin to lose focus on all the great things in my life.  Ahhhh, sometimes it just feels like a vicious circle!    Time doesn’t stand still, ever, I need to be organized, prepared, and ready for anything!  I believe every single person that has ever said, “Enjoy the time with them now, they will be grown up before you know it….” This thought honestly scares the bejeebers out of me!  And my boys are only 2 and 4!

{Inspired to Be{e}}
I am always searching and SEARCHING trying to find the answer to just about everything that happens in my life, I certainly don’t have it all figured out!  Talking it out with my kids, well it can work, sometimes, but I far more appreciate getting opinions and ideas from grown-ups!   Otherwise the only thing I hear from them is my own inner voice, and I still don’t have an answer!  Whether it’s a book that I’m trying to read, some advice from friends and family, or spending hours on the Internet, I will never give up trying to Be{e} a better person today than I was yesterday.
I hope you join me for a cup of coffee or two…or more!  This is my social hour and I love talking about being a mom, but that’s not all that I care to talk about! I get inspired sometimes by the littlest of things and I love talking about home, design, color, style, food, health, celebrating life, projects, business, budgeting and just the day-day happenings.  I am making healthy lifestyle changes every day. I am a tip junkie, if it can make life easier I’m in, I’ll try just about anything once!  At the moment I am deeply in love with a modern vintage style.  And I am completely obsessed with planning, being organized and having a routine!  Routine.....I wish I was good at this…  I would rather be prepared for any situation…and live life flying by the seat of my pants.  My ultimate goal is to Be{e} real, wholesome, simple, compassionate, humble, creative, loving, imperfect, worthy, grateful, successful, authentic, healthy, active and organized!

Cheers to that!  ~annette

{“No more just working, drinkin’ + dreamin’…it’s time to just do it”}

I love sketching, my mind works in a very graphic way, I am an interior designer and graduated from LTU {Lawrence Technological University}, when I plan this is usually how it looks!  These are examples of planning for my blog, as well as a party plan!  It really is an amazing tool, sketching by hand.  I can pretty much see and share what I see before it is even real! With my background being that I do commercial design in an architecture firm, I use my computer as a tool!  I will be sharing lots of my many “plans“ with you!

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